Bush Hog Sales Literature

Pine Plains Tractor and Bush Hog: A Tough Team to Beat

Pine Plains Tractor and Equipment is proud to offer Bush Hog rotary cutters, the brand that truly defined and shaped an entire industry.  In fact,  "Bush Hog" is a term often used generically (and improperly) to describe any rotary cutter, irrespective of brand, in much the same way as "Band Aid", or "Ziploc".

Bush Hog began in a small, dirt-floor factory in Selma, Alabama. The first paint booth was a concrete pad with a hoist and a hook. They’d put the cutter on the hook and paint it by hand. The first loading dock was an angled pit dug out of the earth so trucks could back down it (although nobody thought about drainage, so it was frequently filled with rainwater). They made one product, the Model 12 rotary cutter, and equipment had to be moved around by tractor.

Today, Bush Hog operates a modern, automated production facility with robotic welders that produce 17 different product lines. Bush Hog operates 42 semi-trucks and maintains five strategically located distribution centers across North America. And Bush Hog products mow more than 30,000,000 acres per year!
With access to so many brands of rotary cutters, we're often asked why Bush Hog is so well represented in. our inventory.  It's simple. For five decades, Bush Hog has been a great partner for us and our clients.  On the rare occasion when a problem arises, the Company honors their warranty, which is among the best in the industry.   Speak with one of our sales professionals today!

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