25 Horsepower

Flexible Fun For All Your Dirty Business

Looking for a compact tractor small enough to fit into tight spaces and large enough to do the dirty work? Look no further than the CX2510. Featuring the size, performance and comfort you need, sounds like it’s the perfect fit.

Three Versions:

25HP Compact
Manual Transmission

25HP Compact
HST Transmission

25HP Sub-Compact, HST Trans., Cab

Tire Options

R1 - Agricultural

Designed for pulling heavy loads in all conditions, these tires can also wreak havoc on soft surfaces. The "V" tread dictates that the design is best for forward travel when under load.

R3 - Turf

As the name suggests, turf tires are the rubber of choice on lawns, parks, athletic fields. The flip side is that muddy conditions turn this into a spinning

R4 - Industrial

Industrial tires are rugged, designed to stand up to jobsite hazards and many hours of use. Sidewalls are typically thicker to guard against impact.

R14 - Hybrid

R14T hybrid tires take versatility to the next level. Designed for minimal ground disturbance ideal for lawn, turf and sandy soil applications, while. still providing top-notch traction out on the farm.

CS20-Series Product Information

Manual or HST Transmission

HST models feature performance proven, heavy-duty HST drives that deliver power and efficiency. The two range transmission (Hi/Low) with twin pedal operation makes your job easier, smoother and safer.

Dual Pedals (HST Only)

Twin HST pedals offer easy forward and reverse movement with smooth engagement, acceleration and deceleration. Pedal pressure is minimized which reduces operator fatigue during long hours of use.

Tilt Wheel with Power Steering

Hydrostatic power steering minimizes the effort required to make tight, repetitive turns. The standard tilt steering wheel ensures all operators have a comfortable driving experience.

Open Station Platform or Cab

With either choice, the ergonomically designed workstation places operator controls within easy reach for maximum comfort.

Convenient Controls

With everything in close proximity, you can spend less time hunting down a control and more time working.

Single Lever Joystick

Front end loader work is made easier by the use of a single lever joystick. The lever returns to neutral when released. A float position allows the bucket free flotation over the ground surface.

Focus on Features

Kioti-Branded Attachments Get the Job Done

KL2510 Loader

KL2510 Loader
  • Low profile design maximizes operator’s visibility.
  • Designed to be quickly and easily attached and detached.
  • A built-in parking stand on the front end loader provides quick and easy connection.
  • Mid-mount style frame for engine accessibility.
  • A bucket level indicator is standard.
  • Color compliments KIOTI tractor.
Maximum Lift Height to pivot pin87.8 in. (2,230 mm)
Clearance w/ Attachment Level84.3 in. (2,141 mm)
Clearance w/ Attachment Dumped67.2 in. (1,706 mm)
Reach at Maximum Height31.5 in. (800 mm)
Maximum Dump Angle53˚
Reach w/ Bucket on Ground59 in. (1,498 mm)
Maximum Rollback Angle33˚
Digging Depth Below Grade3.9 in. (99 mm)
Overall Height in Carry Position40 in. (1,016 mm)
Depth of Attachment (to back of inner shell)19.9 in. (505 mm)
Height of Attachment18.2 in. (411 mm)
Length of Attachment (to pivot pin)24.9 in. (632 mm)
Lift Capacity to Full Height at Pivot Pins1,092 lbs. (495 kg)
Breakout Rollback Force at Pivot Point1,843 lbs. (836 kg)
Bucket Size50 in. (1,270 mm)

KB2465 Backhoe

KB2465 Backhoe
  • Subframe mounted.
  • Factory assembled.
  • Responsive two-lever hydraulic control with exceptional feathering characteristics.
  • Anti-drop load-checks.
  • Standard buckets: 9″, 12″, 16″, 18″, 24″ and 36″ wide ditch and grave buckets.
  • All buckets have replaceable teeth.
  • Extra heavy-duty buckets.Entire backhoe except for subframe is quick-detached from tractor.

Digging Depth76.3″ (1,940 mm)
Reach (From center of Swing Pivot)113.1″ (2,875 mm)
Loading Height (Bucket at 60 degrees)63.6″ (1,615 mm)
Swing Arc180°
Transport Height (Maximum)77.2″ (1,960 mm)
Transport Overhang3.5″ (1,105 mm)
Bucket Rotation180°
Stabilizer Spread (Down)68.7″ (1,745 mm)
Stabilizer Spread (Up P)46.4″ (1,105 mm)
Shipping Weight (Less Bucket)1,012 lbs. (459 kg)
Bucket Digging Force2,817.5 lbs. (1,278 kg)
Dipperstick Digging Force1,748 lbs. (793 kg)
Operating Pressure2,466 psi (170 bar)

Presenting the Industry’s Leading Warranty

When you buy a KIOTI tractor or UTV from Pine Plains Tractor and Equipment, you can be confident that you have one of the best built machines in the field. And you can be even more confident knowing your purchase is backed by the industry leading KIOTI Warranty. Now, for a limited time, eligible units purchased will receive a total of 6 years (72 months) extended powertrain warranty coverage. This extends KIOTI’s already industry leading warranty for an additional 2 years*.

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