Boom Mowers

Tractor-mount Boom Mower Bush Hog Brand.  On New York State Contract and Sourcewell.

Boom Mowers

Powerful, rugged, and dependable, describe Bush Hog’s line of Boom Mowers. Our boom mowers are a valuable management tool for towns, cities, farmers and landowners with acreage. Extend your reach and productivity, while investing in a product that will last for years. See your local dealer for special pricing and delivery. Remember, “If it doesn’t say Bush Hog it just won’t cut it.”

Standard RMB Mower

With four models reaching 11 to 18-feet from the tractor centerline, there’s almost no limit to what you can accomplish.

Forward Reach RMB Mower

18-ft. and 20-ft. Boom Arm Reach Forward Reach Capability to Bring Cutter Alongside Tractor Cab for Better Visibility.

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