Unparalleled Flexibility

While tillage equipment options available today become increasingly complex, the Delta Flexible Harrow remains an easy-to-use, effective, inexpensive multi-use tool for a very wide array of terrain management chores.

Delta attachments are designed to be user-configurable. Sections can be added in both width and depth, and the tynes can be mounted to vary the level of action. Draw Bars drag tyne sections behind small equipment, while 3-point Lifts and heavy-duty Carts allow for ease of transportation and larger coverage.

Delta harrow tyne sections are assembled using cold-formed tynes from 7/16, 1/2, and 5/8” diameter steel wire. They are assembled in modular units suited to configure with Delta attachments. Drawbars and 3-Point attachment configurations range in widths from 4’ to 14’. Carts are available in widths from 16’ to 42’.

Popular Applications

  • Arena Maintenance

  • Seedbed Preparation

  • Turf Management

  • Roadway Maintenance

  • Pasture Management

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