Durabilt Industries Catalog Showroom

Dirt Pan

The Dirt Pan attached to the three point lift of a tractor is intended to be used in landscaping, agriculture, and light construction.

Utility Grader

The Utility Grader has an 8’ blade that can tilt approximately 20 degrees and swivel approximately 45 degrees. It can be operated with smaller ttractors


The Landscraper planes for irrigation, smooths feed lots and spreads rock & gravel. The closed ends allow you to drag material. Also available in tilting model.

Pasture Punch/Smooth Roller

The Pasture Punch is a heavy Duty punch aerator for aerating pastures, Hay fields, sod fields or sports complexes. This allows the moisture and nutrients to reach the roots and helps relieve root boundness. Also available with a smooth roller.


The Tumblebug quickly moves round bales with ease. Loading and unloading from the truck or tractor seat, no need to get off the tractor or out of the pickup to load the bale.

Swivel Scraper

The Swivel Scraper is a heavy duty rear blade that can be tilted up to 24” from level. It can also be offset from the tractor seat up to 24” right or left with the optional swing cylinder.

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