Kasco-Herd Catalog Showroom

Herd Broadcast Seeders

GT77-ATV-12V (77 lb. Capacity)

Whether you need to seed or fertilizer small acreage, food plots, or yards, the Herd model GT‐77‐ATV is a perfect fit for most ATVs, UTVs, Side‐by‐Side vehicles, or lawn mowers. This broadcaster will eliminate hours of time spent hand‐seeding. It’s precision metering system will calibrate to the smallest seeds, guaranteeing less seed waste. The GT‐77‐ATVs vibrating agitator system ensures a constant feed of the material being spread.

I-258-12V (192 lb. Capacity)

A higher capacity electric broadcast seeder/spreader, the Herd Model I‐258 spreads a wide variety of materials, from seed or fertilizer to insecticides or herbicides. The galvanized hopper is durable enough for years of trouble‐free use. The vibrating agitator gives Herd’s Sure‐Feed of material through the stainless steel seed gate. The spread can be centered, and the metering ensures control of the amount of seed distributed.

M-12 PTO (192 lb. Capacity)

The Herd model M‐12 PTO‐powered broadcast seeder/spreader makes quick work of big jobs. Our rugged mountings and galvanized hopper give years of quality performance. The spinning agitator spreads both seed or fertilizer consistently. Seed rates can be adjusted down to approximately 2 pounds per acre. 3‐point Mounted, with shielded telescoping PTO Oil‐bath gearbox Galvanized hopper with 2.8 bushel (192#) capacity

Herd 550 (550 lb. Capacity)

For smaller compact tractors, the Herd model 550‐3PT provides a rugged broadcaster in a smaller hopper capacity. Using the same proven design as the larger Herd seeders, this low‐profile seeder is easy to fill. Its maneuverable size is a good fit for estates, parks or smaller acreage.

Herd 750 (750 lb. Capacity)

Herd’s model 750‐3PT Broadcaster is ideal for category 1 tractors. With it’s convenient 750# capacity, the 750‐3pt works well for smaller acreage jobs in farms, orchards or groves, schools or parks. The rugged fan assembly provides consistent seeding for most any material.

Herd 1200C (1200 lb Capacity)

Herd’s model 1200C is a proven Workhorse. With 1200 pounds and 16 bushel capacity, the model 1200C will give you both convenience and durability. With Herd’s precision metering system, the amount of seed can be controlled from 3 pounds of seed per acre to 1000 pounds of fertilizer per acre. The model 1200C can be broadcast both seed or fertilizer with no parts to change or modifications to make.

Herd 2440 (2440 lb. Capacity)

With the Herd model 2440, you can cover acres and acres without stopping! When looking for a high‐capacity broadcast seeder/spreader, the Herd model 2440 is the logical choice. With a capacity of 32 bushels or 2440#, the model 2440 will consistently spread seed, fertilizer or lime. The model 2440 is equipped with hydraulic controls to conveniently open and close the seed gate from the tractor seat.

Herd Sand and Salt Spreaders

Kasco Manufacturing offers the HERD sand, salt and mixture spreaders. All  feature a unique agitator system offering an even flow of material and are able to handle wet sand, dry sand, sand mixed with salt, sand mixed with calcium chloride, salt or chloride. Other features include a powdered paint coated hopper of heavy 14 gauge material and rugged construction to hold up against heavy use and the elements.

Three-Point Hitch Models

Herd 5.5 (550 lb Capacity)

Herd 750SSS (750 lb. Capacity)

Herd 1200S (1200 lb Capacity)

Skid Steer/Tractor-Loader Models (Hydraulic Drive)

Herd 750SSS (750 lb Capacity)

Herd SCP2011(1200 lb. Capacity

Kasco Planters and Drills

Hay Master Min-Till Drill

Kasco’s Hay Master is ideal for pasture renovation, roadside work, wildlife habitats and erosion control. With tight 6″ row spacing, you are guaranteed tighter germination of a wide variety of grass seeds.The rugged metering system ensures easy and accurate calibration to any smooth seed, for less seed waste and better pasture development.

Pivot Solid-Stand Planters

Our Pivot Solid-Stand high capacity seeders feature a pivoting frame with two rows of cast iron press wheels to ensure good seed to soil contact and extra leveling action. Available in 8′ or 10′ working width. Precision seed metering system assures accurate seeding amount and less seed waste.


For those who want a simple, rugged drill with extra value, the Valu-Drill is the perfect choice. This drill is constructed of a heavy duty welded frame with 14” openers and oversized bearings. It is close-coupled, so it is easier to lift and can be used on smaller tractors. It works well in either no-till or worked soil. The Valu-Drill is available in a 4’, 6’, or 8’ wide machine.

No-Till Drills

With a smaller frame, the Versa-Drill is the perfect fit for compact tractors and ATVs. This no-till drill features Kasco’s patented “Walking Beam Axle,” allowing the drill to consistently follow the contour of even the most uneven terrain. As with the Eco-Drill, the Versa-Drill offers a row of slicing blades followed by a row of opening coulters. Our seed placement device guarantees exact seed placement within the 9” rows. Like all Kasco drills and overseeders, the Versa-Drill is ground driven from the heavy cast iron cultipacker wheels in the rear. The Versa-Drill is available in either a three-point machine of 4-foot or 6-foot width, or in an ATV pull-type machine of 4-foot wide. Optional legume/warm season grass boxes are available for most machines.


Ideal for pastures or waterways requiring tighter germination. A functional design offers low-maintenance in a heavy-duty overseeder. The solid-stand planting style is ideal for most grass-planting applications. The Vari-Slice works great in either worked or no-till ground. The tightly spaced disc blades are mounted on an adjustable disc gang. This will allow you to increase the aggression of the cutting action. The blades are available in either a 3” or 4” spacing, depending on your use. The seedbox following these disc blades offers a simple yet reliable metering system for a wide variety of seed types. A presswheel cultipacker both drives the metering system and gives a final grade for the seedbed. Widths from 4-foot to 10-foot, in either 3-point or ATV pull-type (4’ wide only).

No-Till Drills

Our most rugged and durable machine. A row of straight coulters slice the ground with almost no disruption of the soil. A second row of concave opener blades follows ensuring exact seed placement. A row of heavy duty cultipacker wheels follow, for premium seed-to-soil contact. The Kasco cast iron metering system ensures proper seed volume per acre. Seed varieties are changed with a simple adjustment: no tools or plates are required. Available in 3-point or pull-type, 6,8 or 10-foot widths. Optional legume warm season grass boxes are available for most machines. The versatile Eco Drill No-Till Drill offers more alternatives than any other single seeder on the market today. Utilizing a unique seed metering system, it is capable of handling many seed types.

Food Plot Planters

The Plotters Choice is the only machine on the market offering two styles of seeding with one planter: Row-crop drilling for corn or soybeans, and Solid-Stand planting for any grasses or anything that requires tighter germination. All of the ground-engaging components are rolling; there are no shanks to drag trash. The Plotters Choice will positively and consistently cut through most no-till applications, including corn stalks or unworked terrain. An optional warm season grass seedbox is available. Available as an ATV pull-type planter (4’ wide), or as a 3-point unit in widths of 4’, 5’, 6’, or 8’.

Primary Seeder

Kasco’s innovative design for the Landscapers Choice provides consistent grass seeding in a prepared seedbed. Utilizing our patented “Walking Beam” axle design, the Landscapers Choice uses two rows of heavy cast iron press wheels. The front row smooths the dirt, preparing it for seed; the back row gives a finished, manicured final grade. Our seed chute uses a baffle system to evenly distribute seed across the entire width of the machine. The Landscapers Choice is available in either 5-foot or 6-foot widths; they are adaptable to either Cat. 1 or 2 three-point hitch tractors.

Primary Seeder

For an economical yet solid primary seeder, the Seed-N-Pack is the right choice. Our ground-driven metering system is consistent – the seed flow stops when the implement stops. There is no waste of expensive seed. Using the same proven metering system as our heavy duty ag drills, The Seed-N-Pack easily adapts to a wide variety of seed sizes and types. The Seed-n-Pack is available in either a 4-foot or 6-foot wide 3-point machine.

Kasco Landscape Equipment


Kasco’s durable Kultipackers use heavy duty cast iron press wheels. Available in either a 6’ or 8’ width for your 3-point tractor, the Kultipackers make quick work of even the roughest terrain.


When using mechanical stabilization to prevent erosion in new seeding, our notched disk blades poke straw into the seedbed without cutting straw. A built-in weight pan offers additional down pressure. In 6’ or 8’ widths for your 3-point hitch tractor.

Dirt Worker

For new seeding projects, nothing moves more dirt than Kasco’s Dirt Worker. Engineered for either skid steer or 3-point mounting, unit uses six rows of hardened tines. Works forward or backwards, the Dirt Worker allows you to working around obstacles. From rough grade to seedbed quickly and with ease!

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