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Mower Conditioners

Nobody Does Mower Conditioners Better

KUHN is not only the leading innovator of disc mowers, but also pioneered the disc mower conditioner. Whether you are cutting and conditioning grass or alfalfa, KUHN offers many models to meet your cutting and conditioning needs. Since the introduction of the FingerComb conditioning system 25 years ago, KUHN has provided farmers with crop conditioning systems that offer versatility and ease of adjustment necessary to match ever-changing field conditions. With simplicity, easy maintenance, high output, precise conditioning and multiple windrow adjustments, we have the most advanced machines on the market that will help make your hard work a little bit easier.

Proven Components

Lubed-For-Life Optidisc® Elite Cutterbar

The Optidisc® Elite cutterbar provides a flat, streamlined profile so that soil and crop residue do not accumulate and material flows smoothly, even in heavy, difficult crop conditions. Optidisc Elite cutterbars are designed and tested with a zero oil change interval. The highly-polished gears and synthetic gear oil ensure that this system does not require any regular internal maintenance, eliminating the need for cutterbar oil changes throughout the life of the machine.

Gyrodine® Swivel Hitch

The heavy-duty Gyrodine® gearbox is designed to withstand the most severe pull-through force from the hitch to the machine. The swivel design allows turns in excess of 90° while keeping the PTO driveline straight. This design allows extremely tight turns for clean, square corners while minimizing PTO vibration and wear.

Maintenance-Free Drive Shaft

Unlike competitive models that require daily greasing, the drive shaft to the cutterbar uses maintenance-free U-joints. These joints reduce overall maintenance and eliminate excessive wear from improper maintenance.

Torsion Bar Suspension System

The torsion bar suspension system provides exceptional flotation to precisely follow ground contours. The torsional resistance can be easily fine-tuned to match the header ground pressure to different field conditions and operating speeds. A built-in slotted linkage eliminates the need to run the hydraulics in the float position.

Heavy-Duty Main Gearbox

The main gearbox is the core of the unit, specially built by KUHN to efficiently and reliably transfer power to the cutterbar and conditioner. The direct drive eliminates periodic checks on belt tightness and wear.

Three Options for Conditioning

DigiDry® Finger Conditioner

The DigiDry® finger conditioner provides consistent drying of grass and legume crops in various conditions with little maintenance. Wide rotor, fingerstyle conditioning increase crop-on-crop rubbing to strip off the waxy cuticle helping the steams dry at the same rate as the leaves. The built-in breakback feature normally protects against damage from rock and other foreign materials.

Diamond Block® Conditioning

Diamond Block® conditioning rollers stand out from the competition as the only rubber roller set designed exclusively for a disc mower. The horizontal staggered diamond pattern gives more points for the crop to be crimped as it flows off the disc at an angle. Adjustment of the roll pressure and roll gap is simple and can be done quickly in the field.

DoubleCrimp™ Steel Roller

The DoubleCrimp™ steel roller design provides consistent crimping and even feeding of thicker crops and extended life in difficult and abrasive conditions. The steel construction allows for a longer wearing life and achieves thorough conditioning of more delicate crops like alfalfa. Adjustment of the roll pressure and roll gap is simple and can be done quickly in the field.

Choose From Side- or Center-Pull

FC61TL Series
Side Pull

KUHN FC 61 TL Series side-pull are reliable mower conditioners with advanced features yet have the operational simplicity you want and the performance you demand for the maximum return on investment. Working widths range from 9’ 2” to 11’6”.

FC61TC Series
Center Pull

When productivity matters most, the FC TC 61 Series center-pivot mower conditioners are for you. Feature fast mowing and fast, consistent drydown for maximum efficiency and a high-quality crop. Working widths from 10’2” to 14’ 5”.

Side Pull Models

Center-Pull Models

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Rotary Rakes from the Global Leader!

KUHN rotary rakes produce fluffy, well-formed windrows to help you dry your hay faster. This allows you to harvest your crops at their peak nutritional value with less reliance on the weather. Long, flexible tines touch the crop just once, lifting and depositing it neatly into the windrow. The gentle raking action ensures that the leaves remain intact for maximum quality.

Why Kuhn? Unmatched Quality and Design...

Fully Enclosed Gear Case

The fully enclosed single-stage gearbox is grease filled and sealed to be maintenance free ensuring a long life. For additional durability, the tine arm holders are fixed on both the upper and lower gearcase covers. The gearbox houses a cam track with a profile optimized for fast lifting action that creates a well-formed windrow while maintaining high clearance over the windrow.

Heavy Duty Tines

KUHN tines rake the crop gently, yet thoroughly, even in dense, heavy crop. Their heat-treated steel construction helps ensure a longer service life and maximum resistance to fatigue. The floating tine attachment features large-diameter coils that reduce the risk of wear. The tine height is easily and accurately controlled to collect all of the crop and not damage the stubble. As with all rotary rakes, proper tine height adjustment is essential to maximize service life.

Rotary Wheels

The rotor wheels on KUHN rotary rakes are positioned extremely close to the tines. This allows the tines to follow ground contours minimizing contact with the ground to avoid incorporating impurities into the windrow.

Double-Curved Tine Arms

Double-curved tine arms are designed to form fluffy and straight windrows for superior raking quality at high speeds. Fluffy windrows allow more air movement through the crop promoting fast and uniform drying! KUHN rotary rakes achieve this by following two basic principles for ideal windrow formation. First, the tine arms maintain a positive forward position right up to the point where the forage is delivered to the windrow ensuring gentle crop handling and minimal ash incorporation. Second, a steep cam track allows the tines to be raised very quickly to provide additional clearance over the windrow.

And the Selection Can't Be Beat!

Single Rotor

KUHN single-rotor rotary rakes feature a reliable, grease-filled gearbox and double-bent tine arms (except GA 300 GM and GA 3201 GM) for superior raking quality and gentle crop handling. With sizes ranging from 10′ 6″ to 16′ 4″ there is a model for any operation looking to make even, fluffy windrows.

Twin Rotor Center Delivery

KUHN twin-rotor, center-delivery rakes offer easy operation and increased operator comfort with the ability to adapt to any large hay or forage operation. The central-delivery design creates the ideal windrow for round or large square balers. At the core is a durable KUHN gearbox ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance in a variety of field conditions.

Twin Rotor Side Delivery

KUHN twin-rotor, side-delivery rakes offer the option to form one or two windrows. All twin rotor side delivery rakes feature double-bent tine arms for a gentle, lifting action of the crop. Swing frame models feature a lower transport height and are ideal for operations concerned about underpasses and low clearance bridges. 

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Mounted and Trailed Models – 10’6″

Mounted Models – 13’5″ & 13’10” 

 Trailed Model – 13’10” 

Semi-Mounted Models – 18’6″-21’3″

Semi-Mounted Models – 23’4″ & 30’6″ 

  • GA 8131
  • GA 8731+
  • GA 9531+

Trailed Model – 11’6″- 19′

Mounted Models – 13’5″ & 13’10” 

Semi-Mounted Models – 20’8″-28’7″

But if it's SPEED That You Need...

Kuhn has a complete line of wheel-type rakes.  In our area one model,, the SR110 GII seems to meet the needs for most.  With raking width adjustable from 16’11” to 21’2″, this rake is ideal for those preferring the simplicity of “PTO-less” raking at higher ground speeds.

Premium Performance that Sets the Standard

Since the first introduction, the SpeedRake® name has been recognized for quality. The KUHN SR 110 GII Series SpeedRake wheel rakes have taken that reputation even further, combining the proven quality, reliability and simplicity that you expect, with next level features to excel even further beyond the competition. Refined styling, higher strength materials and improved options deliver the most value for your equipment dollars. Exclusive in this machine class, the patented windrow adjustment feature allows independent adjustment of the windrow width and raking width to best match specific crop and pickup needs. A built-in mechanical rake arm flotation slot provides superior terrain following without the need for a tractor with hydraulic float. The simple selector valve provides fast, easy switching between transport and field positions to save time and maximize productivity.

Not Your Granpda's Wheel Rake!

Check out the exclusive features of the Kuhn SR 110 GII Series SpeedRake® 

55” Rake Wheels

The 55” diameter rake wheels can move large volumes of crop. The right- and left-side wheels are designed to gather the crop smoothly along the wheels while forming a uniform windrow. The curved, elkhorn-style rake arms provide additional clearance for high-volume crops and reduce bunching while raking.

Adjustable Clevis or Ball Hitch

Adjustable Clevis or Ball Hitch A clevis hitch comes standard with all models. A ball hitch is optional.

Adjustable Spring Suspension

Positioned horizontally on the back of the frame are large coil springs. providing uniform flotation over field contours and reducing rake wheel wear by decreasing ground pressure. The built-in mechanical rake arm float slot eliminates the requirement for the hydraulic float to be engaged on the tractor.

Raking Side Adjustment

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Dry your hay faster and harvest sooner with KUHN tedders.

Our tedders provide efficient, uniform fluffing and smooth performance over irregular ground. Trailed models provide fast, easy and safe transport with enhanced features to get you in and out of the field faster for maximum efficiency. With a wide range of working widths, and both trailed and mounted models, we have the tedder to meet your needs.  While Kuhn produces numerous models, we've learned through years of experience that these two perform great in conditions found in thee parts.

Meet Our Best Sellers:

GF 5202THA
17'1" Trail-Type

Easy and comfortable to transport, these large trailed rotary tedders are well suited for small to medium sized tractors. With a working width of 17’1”, KUHN GF 5202THA tedders are easy to use and highly reliable while also having low fuel consumption.

21'4" 3-Point Mount

KUHN GF 6502 mounted tedders are designed to meet the needs of hay producers who demand the highest quality tedding of forage to ensure even and quick drydown. The GF 6502 and 7902, with small-diameter rotors are designed to excel at spreading short, thick crops.

DigiDrive® Coupling System – A Legend in the Making

When a KUHN engineer came up with this drive coupling design, we knew that it would revolutionize the rotary tedder. This patented design made it possible to reliably drive a large number of rotors, yet fold them for unmatched transport ease, all with virtually no maintenance or repairs. Since the DigiDrive coupling’s inception, nearly 20 years have passed and more than 150,000 KUHN tedders are now being used across the world to ted hay with the ultimate reliability. The DigiDrive is a highly reliable system requiring very little maintenance – no daily greasing necessary!

Headstock (Mounted Models)

The headstock has been tried and tested through years of experience. It is particularly suitable for this size of machine and features sturdy construction, effective recentering on slopes and reduced overhang.

Rotor Housings –Made to Last

With rotors driven by DigiDrive couplings and lubed-for-life rotor housings, the greasing points are limited to a relatively few pivot points allowing you to spend more time in the field and less time greasing. They are supported by large diameter, double-row angular ball bearings. The thoroughly sealed rotor housing prevents lubricant leaks or introduction contaminants. The robust mounting of housings to the edge of the rectangular frame maximizes strength and durability.

Three-Point Spreaders for All Seasons

Feed the Crop to Maximize Your ROI

Model MDS 8.2 - 1,760 lb. Capacity

The KUHN MDS range of fertilizer spreaders offers a simple and integrated solution for a variety of operations. This includes specialized crops, such as vineyards, orchards and vegetables, as well as row crop and small grain farms.

Why Kuhn?

Main Gearbox & Driveline

All MDS spreaders utilize a simple 540 rpm PTO drive. Contained within the cast-iron case are the components to drive the spreading discs and hopper agitator. This drive system has been designed for long life with minimal maintenance, as the gearbox oil only requires changing every 10 years under normal operating conditions.

Direct Flow Control (DFC) System

All MDS spreaders utilize the Direct Flow Control (DFC) system for rate control. For a given working width and ground speed, changing the opening of the metering slides by a given percentage will change the application rate by the same percentage. On the .2 models, the metering slide opening scales are mounted on the front of the spreader to keep them cleaner and for comfortable viewing from the operator’s seat.

High-Quality Finish

All KUHN fertilizer spreaders go through a proven multi-step finishing process that includes mechanical and chemical cleaning followed by a top-quality powder-paint application and baking. This ensures optimal corrosion and scratch resistance, fading resistance, acid resistance, and increased abrasion durability.

Two Row Banding Attachment

The stainless steel banding option, for applications such as orchards and vineyards, has adjustable flaps that apply fertilizer on two rows of variable width with a spacing that is 100% adjustable. This ensures that all nutrients are applied in the right place near the root area of the crop, saving valuable fertilizer. It can be quickly and easily adjusted without tools.

Hopper Design

The hopper on the MDS .2 has been reshaped into a more octagonal design. Similar to the design of our larger Axis® fertilizer spreaders, the angles improve material flow to the centrally located metering outlets. This reduces bridging and promotes complete hopper emptying with all types of granular materials and seeds. A rotating agitator at the bottom of the hopper also helps to keep material flowing freely. Optional agitators are available for special applications such as grass seed, powdery materials, or sticky materials.

Spreading Discs

MDS spreaders can spread up to 80’ (pass-to-pass working width) depending on disc selection and the properties of the material. In general, oddly shaped and/or less-dense granules will be restricted to narrower patterns. Adjusting the length and position of the paddles on the discs creates the ideal spread pattern for each material. M1C discs come standard and are designed for working widths up to 59’. Optional M2 discs feature redesigned paddles optimized for 60’-80’ spread patterns. Both disc types offer the option of VXR hard-coated paddles for even greater durability.

Put Your Mind at Ease This Winter

VSA 360 H Salt and Sand Spreader

Winter conditions can be very demanding for machines. The KUHN VSA 360 H spreader is mainly intended for local municipalities, industrial sites, maintenance departments, universities and is compatible with all small tractors. With its large range of uses, easy maintenance and durability, this spreader will ensure your peace of mind. The high-quality manufacturing using many stainless–steel parts ensures a long service life.

Stainless Steel Outlets

Stainless-steel outlets provide long life even in difficult conditions. The easy adjustments of the outlet opening allow quick adaptation to spread different products.


An agitator stirs the product and provides regular flow to the outlets in non-free flowing materials.

Movable Stop and Graduated Adjustment Plate

The application rate is easily adjustable thanks to a movable stop and a precisely graduated adjustment plate. A lever controls the outlet opening and closing as necessary. If needed, application can be set only to the right or the left side.

Adjustable Deflectors

Adjustable stainless-steel deflectors provide a wide range of application widths and can be removed without tools.

Quick Maintenance

Only a few minutes are needed to take apart the main components of the VSA making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The gearbox never requires maintenance.

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