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A PLASTIC DUMP CART?  What a great idea! No more rust, no more shoveling to clean out.  The smooth plastic body allows material to flow freely.  Our unique foot release latch allows both hands to be free to dump those heavy loads.

The 10 cubic ft. capacity UV protected plastic body is available in red, black or green to compliment most lawnmowers and ATV’s.

Optional 2″ ball coupler hitch, or compact tractor-compatible 3-point mount available.  Sure does make it easy to back into tight spots!

ATV, UTV, Lawn and Garden Plastic Dump Cart- 18 Cubic Feet

For work or play, get the most out of your machine with a MARKET PLASTIC DUMP CART.  The 18 cubic ft. carrying capacity gets your cargo where you want it to go.  The heavy gauge poly body is available in red, yellow, lime green & blue. 

The rugged steel understructure features a foot release latch allowing both hands to be free for dumping.  The large 22 x 11-8 floatation tires give excellent ground clearance while built in wheel wells keep the load weight low to the ground.  Comes with a 2″ ball coupler hitch.  Tip-up lid and clevis hitch optional.

30-Cubic Foot Capacity Means Fewer Trips. Meet the BushMaster!

The BUSHMASTER PLASTIC DUMP CART has a 30 cubic ft. capacity.  Designed with compact tractors & utility vehicles in mind, this valuable accessory goes where you go.  All of our plastic dump carts feature a foot release latch allowing both hands to be free to dump.  Available in black, red & green.

The TrailMaster Dump Cart- 22 Cubic Feet of AWESOME.

For work or play, get the most out of your ATV with a MARKET TRAILMASTER DUMP CART.  The 22 cubic ft. carrying capacity gets your cargo where you want it to go.  The body is made out of 3/4″ x 6″ tongue & groove plastic boards. Powder coated grey/black frame.  2″ ball standard.  Clevis hitch or side boards optional.

What Can a 2-Ton Market Wagon Gear Do For YOU?

The MARKET 2 TON UTILITY WAGON features 4000 LB. hubs with 1 3/4″ spindles & 20.5 x 8-10 6 ply tires.

Designed for its strength, this little unit works well behind your ATV, UTV or compact tractor.

Length with standard center pipes is 72 (longer piped available)” & width is just 52″ (outside measurements on tires).  A rear hitch is standard for multiple towing.


The optional UTILITY BOX comes with a split tailgate that opens to allow access for loading & unloading. Box & wagon dimensions are 37.5″ tall x 50.5″ wide x 74.5″ long. Recycled plastic tongue & groove boards are fastened with countersunk stainless steel bolts & nuts.

Also available for installation is a FLAT RACK. . The front & rear racks are adjustable. Simply, pull the pin to change positions. We have also built a small rocking bolster into the front of the rack to allow for flexing on uneven ground. The FLAT RACK is 55″ wide x 98″ long x 27″ high.

For All Those Places a Hose Just won't Reach...

The MARKET WATER CART features a black, powder-coated 2 TON UTILITY WAGON complete with 4000 lb. hubs & spindles and a 300 gallon poly tank.

An optional rear frame & water transfer pump is available.

This compact unit is ideal for hobby farmers and landscapers.

The MARKET WATER TRAILER features a single axle with 4000 lb. hubs & spindles complete with 9.5L implement tires and a 300 gallon poly tank.

Ratchet tie down straps allow for easy tank removal. An optional front/rear frame & water transfer pump is available.

Uses include remote washing of machinery, watering livestock, nursery stock and more.

This compact unit is ideal for hobby farmers and landscapers.

Market 3-Point Weight Box
Market 3-Point Salt Box

Gain Traction, Increase Stability With These Useful Ballast Boxes

We’ve all been there.  Despite your tires being “loaded”, and maybe even some wheel weights, your rear tires continue to spin, or the rear end feels light when the loader is being used.

The black unit pictured above has a capacity of 4 cubic feet, providing up to 720 of ballast when filled with concrete, slightly less with gravel or dirt. 

The poly-constructed white unit is designed to hold sand or salt during winter weather, but may also be used i warmer times for dirt, mulch, or fertilizer.  With capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, it weighs in at 480 pounds when loaded with salt, which can be easily distributed where needed using a shovel which stores in an on-board bracket.  The air-tight lid protects salt or sand from solidifying, keeping material loose and easy to manage.

Both. models have a built-in 2″ receiver hitch and sturdy legs for storage.

Prepare Seedbeds, Control Weeds and More with a Market Cultivator

The MARKET COMPACT CULTIVATOR is a 3 point hitch (Cat. 1) unit that performs a multitude of in-field tasks such as seedbed preparation, soil aeration and weed control. Cultivators are available in 4′, 5′,6′ & 7′ widths. The compact design requires low horsepower allowing you to get those small acreages, test plots or gardens done in no time. The powder coated dark grey steel frame is accented with a black 3 point hitch & s-tines.

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