"New Holland" Pine Plains Tractor

Hay Rakes

Choose From Three(3) Series:

New Holland ProCart / ProCart PLUS Deluxe Carted Wheel Rakes

ProCart™ / ProCart™ PLUS Deluxe Carted Wheel Rakes

New Holland ProCart™ and ProCart™ Plus deluxe carted wheel rakes swiftly handle every raking condition you face — from heavy windrows to tedded or thick, wide swaths. The are the professional’s choice for big raking capacity.

In widths from 18-25′.

DEPENDABLE, HIGH-SPEED RAKING – Individual floating rake wheels provide cleaner raking and help form more uniform windrows that are easier to bale.

DURABLE, COMPACT DESIGN – The well-built frame provides the strength and reliability you need, and it’s compact and stable so you can move fast between farm and field.

HIGH FRAME CLEARANCE – Unlike other carted wheel rakes on the market, ProCart™ rakes offer a high frame clearance to accommodate high-volume crops.

A CHOICE OF MODELS – With raking widths from 18 to 28 feet, and a choice of five different models, there’s one perfect for you.

New Holland  Rotary Rakes

ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes

Like a mechanical pitchfork; with long flexible tines each ProRotor™ rake tine arm lifts and carries the crop delivering it into the windrow. The tines never need to touch the soil, so there is little risk of contaminants being swept into the windrow. 

In widths from 18′-24’6″.

A CHOICE OF MODELS – Three ProRotor models with working widths ranging from 13’9” to 25’7” are available to suit your raking needs. Choose the ProRotor 3114 single-rotor, side-delivery rake, the ProRotor 3223 dual-rotor, side-delivery rake or the ProRotor 3226 dual-rotor, center-delivery rake.
HIGH-LIFT TINE ACTION – ProRotor tine arms provide more capacity and better performance than rakes with straight or radial-mounted tine arms. ProRotor tine arms are curved and mounted at a tangent so the tines are in optimum position to pick up and deliver hay to the windrow. 
MAINTENANCE-FREE GEARBOXES – The sealed rotor gearbox is lubricated by oil and requires only periodic daily maintenance.
New Holland DuraVee Trailing Wheel Rakes

DuraVee™ Trailing Wheel Rakes

New Holland DuraVee™ trailing wheel rakes are the right choice for high-capacity haymakers looking for a fast way to move more hay. Offered in seven models with raking widths from 17’ 5” to 36’. Perfect for many different sizes of haymaking operations. 

In widths from 17’5-36′

EASILY ADJUST WINDROW WIDTH – Windrow width can be easily adjusted to produce uniform rows ranging from three to six feet wide with the ratchet-style adjustment lever or the optional hydraulic windrow width adjustment kit. 
FLOAT LIKE A “VEE” – Individual rake wheels float across ground contours for cleaner raking compared to rake wheels mounted in tandem.  A single pin adjusts the working height of all of the raking wheels on that side of the rake.
THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW PATH TO ROADING – All DuraVee™ rakes have 15” tires and can fold down to 8’3” for easy road transportation.  Safety locks and adjustable friction disc brake brakes on the caster wheels are featured on all models. 

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