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ProTed™ Rotary Tedders

New Holland ProTed  Rotary Tedders
ProTed 3417
New Holland ProTed  Rotary Tedders 3417
ProTed 3625


New Holland proted rotary tedders

ProTed™ Series rotary tedders help you make high-quality hay in difficult weather conditions and climates. Tedding fluffs and evenly distributes your crop to expose damp hay to sunlight and air, which helps it dry quicker. The durable ProTed Series uses coil spring tines to efficiently lift crop off the ground and invert it so that the crop on the bottom of the windrow is now exposed on top. By speeding up and evening out drying, you can bale sooner or before bad weather hits. If showers do unexpectedly arrive, use your ProTed tedder to spread out damp crops to help it dry out quicker. Don’t risk your hay when you can dry it the fast and professional way.


ProTed™ tedders feature a heavy-duty, one-piece, boxed metal frame that has a single welded seam. Unlike other designs, the ProTed Series has modular gearboxes that do not serve as part of the frame. Instead, durability is enhanced as the gearboxes are bolted to the mainframe to ensure that no additional strain on the frame occurs. To provide you with maximum reliability, these gearboxes feature crown and pinion drives positioned in one housing. Large drive shafts and double U-joints allow power to be smoothly transferred through the frame so that each rotor will easily follow the contours of your fields. The hexagonal driveshaft profile eliminates keys and keyways, which can weaken the shaft or cause failure under heavy crop loads.


New Holland rotary tedders

Reliability comes standard. The ProTed 3417 gearbox requires periodic, simple greasing, while the ProTed 3625 has permanent oil-bath lubrication to simplify daily maintenance.

ProTed™ Rotary Tedders - Brochure

ProTed™ Rotary Tedders - Brochure


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