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Every T5 tractor model is designed for your comfort and convenience. The T5 Dynamic Command™ and Auto Command™ Series now benefits from New Holland’s industry-leading Horizon™ cab and all-new super high-visibility roof panel. The T5 models equipped with the Electro Command™ and Dual Command™ transmissions feature the incredible visibility and all-weather comfort of the New Holland VisionView™ cab. If you prefer open-air comfort, a flat-deck ROPS platform is available on T5 models equipped with the Dual Command™ transmission.

New Holland T5 Dual Command Series

T5 Dual Command Series - Tier 4B - Brochure


T5-SERIES | Built for You

Four(4) Transmissions! Which One Is Right For You?


New Holland offers a choice of transmissions to match your applications and your preferences:
• Auto Command™ CVT (T5.130 and T5.140)
• Dynamic Command™ 24×24 8-step semi-powershift (T5.130 and T5.140)
• Electro Command™ 16×16 semi-powershift (T5.110 and T5.120)
• Dual Command™ Hi-Lo transmission (T5.90, T5.100, T5.110 and T5.120)


(Available on T5.130 and T5.140 models only)
You control the multi-award winning Auto Command CVT using the intuitive CommandGrip™ handle. It allows you to change speed and direction and responds based on force-based movement. You can set three target speeds and easily change between them. You can also choose from four driving modes to match your driving style:

  • Auto Mode. Once the desired target speed is achieved, Auto Command™ will match the engine and transmission to maintain it.
  • Cruise Mode. Cruise Mode allows the operator to achieve a set target speed at the touch of a button, and to maintain the speed for economy and productivity.
  • Manual Mode. Allows the operator to manually set the required engine and forward speed, independently of each other.
  • PTO Mode. As soon as the PTO is engaged, Auto Command will operate to achieve a constant engine speed.


(Available on T5.130 and T5.140 models only)
The 24×24 Dynamic Command™ transmission enables you to shift between eight gears under load, without changing ranges. These carefully designed speeds within each range correspond directly with common field work or transporting ground speeds — eliminating operator range shifts mid-task for greater productivity.
• New Holland Ground Speed Management II (GSM II) manages both engine and transmission speeds to optimize performance and economy. It is simple to set up, using CVT-like functionality to dependably analyze data relating to the setting you choose, engine load and forward speed.
• The Dynamic StartStop feature allows for clutch-free loader work. When working at lower operating speeds, simply depress the brake when coming to a stop, and when you release the brake pedal, the tractor will automatically shuttle and start to move again.


(Available on T5.110 and T5.120 models only)
The Electro Command™ transmission gives you eight thumb-button powershifts without making a shift lever range change. You can see the selected gear at a glance thanks to the large gear display. Top transport speeds of 25 MPH (40kph) are achieved at a mere 2040 rpm (with 18.4-34 rear tires). The result? Your T5 will slash your fuel bills while reducing in-cab noise.Add the AutoShift™ option with the Electro Command transmission and gear shifting is taken care of for you automatically. With Auto Transport, the tractor shifts seamlessly through eight speeds like a vehicle with an automatic transmission. Auto Field mode manages both the engine speed and transmission to optimize performance and economy. In power-take-off (PTO) applications, where a constant engine speed is the priority, the system will select the transmission ratio to match the load on the engine. In draft applications, engine speed is allowed to drop to fully exploit the available torque rise before selecting a lower ratio under load.


(Available on T5.90, T5.100, T5.110 and T5.120 models only)
This easy-to-use transmission makes a big difference in your day. It gives you a Hi-Lo speed in each of the four gears within the three ranges. Simply use the push buttons on the side of the control lever. In addition, the Dual Command transmission offers a PowerClutch button that allows you to shift between gears within a range without clutching with your foot, as well as a smooth, left-hand electrohydraulic shuttle lever that conveniently returns to the central rest position for quick direction changes. Select from three shuttle aggressiveness settings using a rocker switch.

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