When it comes time to cover your tractor, there are choices...
Steel? No. Radiates like an oven.
Plastic? Forget about it... Can't be repaired and fades in a couple years.

Why fiberglass over steel, plastic or fabric? Fiberglass composites have a long history of service in everyday products. For canopies, you can style composites in ways not achievable in metal or fabric, and you can match colors in a Class A automotive finish. Plastic canopies have a dull finish and cannot withstand outdoor weathering which is the purpose of the sunshade!

Tractor Sunshade covers are engineered using premium resin composite fiberglass, finished with a high gloss marine grade gel coat with UV inhibitors.  . Additional reinforcements at mounting points. But that’s not all.  Tractor Sunshade finishes the job right, taking these steps:

  • Blacked out underside
  • Rubber isolation pads for sound dampening
  • Heavy gauge steel brackets
  • Hardware~ all finished in black hardened powdercoat
  • Brackets are laser cut to precision dimensions for each application and fit


Designed to fit most makes and models of compact and sub-compact tractors.


Designed to fit most makes and models of utility and mid-range tractors.