Well Maintained Equipment Performs Better in the Field- and at Trade Time

IT'S A FACT: Whether you do it yourself or leave it to the pros is up to you, but saving time and money is assured!

Nobody likes breakdowns.  They never happen at a “good time”, an unplanned maintenance just plain costs more, any way you slice it.  We’re glad to dispatch a trained technician any time of year to insure your time using your machinery is productive and enjoyable.

You are welcome to download and print the fillable forms below to help in your quest to reduce or eliminate downtime.  Short on time?  No problem, just let us know and we’ll conduct the inspections and provide you with a copy, along with an estimate of any necessary repairs.

QUESTIONS?  Please call our service department at 518.398.7107.


If you're like lots of people, time is of the essence.  This checklist, whether completed by you or by us,  helps insure that the time you spend "on your tractor" is spent on the seat, not trying to repair it on a beautiful sunny day!

Row Crop Tractors

Replacement cost of a Row Crop tractor rivals that of a nice home. That's all the incentive you need to stay on top of things. Routine service is key to longevity, so spend some "quality time" with this investment!


A single oil leak on the job can shut things down for hours, or even create serious damage to machine components.  Let our experienced service technicians go through your machine and stack the "uptime odds" in your favor.


There's more to Discbine maintenance than changing the knives! While they have changed the way the world cuts hay, they are more complex and require more maintenance than their Haybine predecessors.

Square Balers

New Holland square balers became legendary because of performance.  Keep yours performing at its peak by completing the items on this handy checklist before the baler has an issue.  You'll be glad you did!

Round Balers

Round balers are great for making lots of great hay in a hurry.  At the same time, great features like Net Wrap, Bale Command, chemical applicators and more make maintenance more important than ever before.  This form will help!

Forage Harvesters

New Holland has been the leader in forage harvesters by building reliable machines capable of performing at a high level day after day. But even the best require a "good going over" periodically.


The easy-to-work-on Haybine isn't being produced in the numbers like the past. Unless you're ready to splurge on a Discbine it might be a good idea to inspect your "old reliable", keeping it field-worthy for the future.
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