Meet your challenges head-on.

It’s no easy task to run a farm, manage multiple jobsites, schedule around unpredictable weather or find top-notch equipment operators — let alone ensure a strong profit margin. But somehow, you find ways to meet these challenges every day and succeed.
At New Holland, we’re right there with you, whatever the job. We’re committed to helping you meet your challenges head-on by building best-in-class equipment, integrating continuous improvements into every machine and providing a strong, trusted support network.
The new line of 300 Series skid steer loaders and compact track loaders makes good on this commitment. These 60 to 90 gross HP loaders deliver incomparable New Holland performance and craftsmanship. Whether you’re a farmer, contractor or landscaper, the new 300 Series skid steers and compact track loaders are built to support you and your operation..

New Holland 300 Series loaders make comfort a priority and, as a result, make you more productive on the job. New features include the eight-inch LCD display with integrated rear camera, improved joystick controls to reduce thumb fatigue, handy Bluetooth radio (system is satellite-radio ready) and a USB port to charge mobile devices. 300 Series loaders also provide automatic straight-line tracking (on EH models only) to improve productivity and precision when working with a trencher or cold planer.



Using the curved boom design of big excavators, this backhoe gives you big digging performance. With in-line cylinders, effort is reduced, visibility is better and the general digging performance is enhanced. Dual swing cylinders provide smooth movement for faster positioning of the arm over the trench and increases the stability of the machine.

Choose from standard dipper or the “LR” (Long Reach) dipper for extended reach, depending on your needs. The HED (hydraulically extendable dipper) system (available with B95C & B110C) gives you the fine control needed for delicate operations when necessary. New Holland’s Extendable Internal Stick vs. the Extendable Outer Stick of most manufacturers, puts less weight on the extension and affords easier maintenance.